Dr Walter Mandaza

Dr Walter Mandaza is the Group Chairman of The Webcom Group founded in 1998, the Group is focused on investing into diversified areas with huge potential for a high return on investment. The group has to date selected specific strategic investments where it has enough control and decision making influence in growing its portfolio. Management of projects range from small to large 3 Billion rand projects, Having started solely as an IT infrastructure provider the group is now involved in a diversified portfolio of investments which continues to grow. The group over the years has evolved into a fully fledged solutions company with interests in the cellular industry, mining, electrical utilities and energy space as well as the property sector.

The group has rolled out projects into 12 African countries. Projects have been managed on a project by project basis mainly using contracted workers in each country.

The group is committed to growing its portfolio by use of an outsourced partnership model for strategic functions within the group. This frees up resources that are then used in other areas within the group. In this regard its call centre operations is a central hub to its operations and the company employs a Direct to Market Model in its call centre operations.

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