James Walker

James Walker is Founder & CEO of Informative Technologies, a social enterprise that has researched and developed scalable, market-driven solutions to the problems of the digital divide and electronic waste since 2014.
Since planned obsolescence of operating systems lies at the root of both issues, he has found FOSS to be a critical tool in connecting underserved communities, and has provided low-income students with thousands of contact hours deploying Linux with local recyclers and supporting the devices in their own communities, while earning their first tech job references.
His self-sustaining approach to workforce development, sustainability, and community empowerment has been recognized becoming a partner of the UNC Charlotte Research Institute, a member of the Charlotte Digital inclusion Alliance, a panelist and presenter of the National Science Foundation's Integrated Network for Social Sustainability, and a 2016 awardee of Sustain Charlotte's first prize for "Improving Social Equity and Empowerment".
In April 2018, the German Marshall Fund and US Department of State will sponsor his collaboration with Hungary to pilot his company's digital inclusion ecosystem among NGOs serving disadvantaged groups as a part of the Young Transatlantic Leaders Initiative (YTILI).

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