Mecca Williams

Mecca Williams is the president, founder and Chief Research Administrator of Neo-Biz Solutions, LLC, a virtual business center for the biotechnology entrepreneur, located in Atlanta, Georgia.
Mecca is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, where she received a BA in Health Administration. After graduation Mecca received her CRA (Certified Research Administrator), while serving two of Atlanta’s most prestigious research institutions for over twelve years prior to launching Neo-Biz Solutions in 2011.

Since launching Neo-Biz Solutions, Mecca and her team of professionals have been providing the life science community an institutional support model for their private sector endeavors. Under Mecca’s leadership, Neo-Biz Solutions was nominated for a Georgia Bio Life Science Community Award in 2015. In 2019 Mecca is managing $8.1 million dollars of federal funding, which has produced five new biotechnology positions. With 20 years of experience serving the life science community institutionally and privately, coupled with a new team of business professionals and industry relationships, Mecca is optimistic about the future of Neo-Biz Solutions.

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