Connie Bryant is the Founder and CEO of Wangu Bryant Consulting. She is a well rounded strategy and business consultant with international experience in marketing, operations, and financial management. Connie is from Kenya and her passion is to educate and mentor the next generation of Afrocentric leaders around the world. Her work leverages her unique corporate and global experiences to build strong performing diverse teams, and bringing to the forefront the importance of marketing to diverse demographics to build business results and strong communities. She has a track record of building processes to deliver value across cultural and geographical boundaries. Her unique strength comes from her passion to build results by embracing inclusion and diversity. She is passionate about empowering and helping youth, minority and women owned businesses drive business results.

Before founding Wangu Bryant Consulting, Connie served as Head of Marketing, Lenovo Software. As part of the leadership team, she was instrumental in driving Lenovo Software into a top performing business. She is an award winning marketer who drove positive customer engagement and exceeded all the performance metrics with success in growing market share. Connie leverages her unique experience of strategic planning, building diverse teams, and diverse marketing to drive revenue and business results. Her competencies are in marketing, strategy, partner enablement, operations, and business development. She is a progressive leader in B2B and B2C marketing, building strong relationships with customers to drive business results. Connie has a strong track record with global leadership, and has won numerous leadership, effective marketing and authentic customer engagement awards including the CMO Award for best Social Media Campaign.
Previously, Connie spent 5 years with Lenovo in various marketing and operations management roles as part of the leadership team that transformed Lenovo Software. She grew the customer base for a new product to 60 Million users in one year. Her high performance continually exceeded all business KPIs. She built and managed the customer relationship management cycle that led to spectacular customer advocacy to drive revenue. Connie helped drive record quarterly earnings and delivered top-tier shareholder return in the technology sector. She has a proven track record in leading within complex demanding work environments and executing with results with several leadership awards Prior to Lenovo, Connie served as a Finance Director in the Diocese of Raleigh where she managed over $40M annual revenue and managed a $50M fund that would qualify, lend, and disburse loans to parishes for construction projects. She is a well respected leader and motivator who effectively led the financial planning and audit functions of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh. She created and managed the Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans.
Outside of work, Connie loves to mentor youth and women in Kenya and US – she focusses on young entrepreneurs, women groups, and young women on how to build plans to build wealth. She also serves on the Board of FFR, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing animal therapy services to veterans in our community. Previously, she was a founding member and Board Director for the A Doorway to Hope - helping reduce homelessness in Wake County.
Connie has the following key skills: Business Strategy, Diversity Marketing, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Leading Tier 1 teams, Recruiting Top Talent, Managing Diversity, Leading Diverse Teams, Marketing Leader, CMO Best Social Media Campaign Award, Strategic Planning, Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans, Customer relationship lifecycle management, International Marketing, Consumer Relations, Building Business Advocacy programs, Business Process Improvements, International Business and Culture Adaptation techniques, Audit Management, Cash Flow Management, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Channel Partners, Sales, Financial Reporting, RFP Evaluation, Vendor Management, Strategic Planning, Construction Loans management, People Management, Project Management, Business Development, Operations Management, Strategy, Managerial Finance, Emerging Markets, Program Management, Product Management, Management, Risk Management, Financial Management, Sales Operations, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Project Planning, Real Estate, Property Management, Insurance Management, Financial Analysis, Global Business Development, Corporate Finance, Sales Enablement.

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