Taunita Hightower, MBA

Taunita Hightower is the vice-president/chief operating officer and co-founder of Global Impact Industries, LLC, a global management enterprise established in April 2016 in Atlanta, GA. To achieve its overall goal to bridge social entrepreneurship and economic development for communities underserved through training and education, Taunita lends her expertise in teaching and business acumen to the helm of this organization.

Her desire for economic freedom was birthed out of her own struggles and hardships. Taunita, also known as The Wealth Professor, now uses her personal life lessons as the blueprint to teach and train others how to obtain wealth and success. She has developed finance-based programming designed to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary for success and sustainability.

Through Global Impact Industries, Taunita intends to provide access to the opportunities in the labor market for people at risk of poverty, to build and develop the social and work skills of vulnerable groups and address the significant social problems that the entrepreneur is struggling with.

Having received her Bachelor of Science, Allied Medicine from Ohio State University, followed by a Master of Business Administration, Indiana Wesleyan University and in current pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration in Social Entrepreneurship, her thirst for knowledge never seems to end. She brings over 20 years of teaching and training experience in a wide variety of both formal (academic settings and online instruction) and informal training settings (seminar and workshops).

In addition to her work as a professor and educator, she served a business consultant, where she has helped implement effective strategies for growth and development for small to midsize businesses, excelling in the areas of business development, process improvement, leadership development, marketing, and strategic planning.

Taunita has been most successful in her ability to teach business principles and concepts to international students from over 20 countries, transcending language and cultural barriers. Her reach earned her the 2021 iChange Nations Austell Collins Global Inspirational Award, recognizing her as an inspirational role model to the rising generation who will bring their values, culture and ideologies to the nations of the world.

She has authored an essential manual for the entrepreneur startup entitled, The Birthing: Business, Ministry and Wealth Development Guide. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her two daughters.

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