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Who we are

We are trailblazing solutions with technology and quality education, preparing a future-ready workforce, and driving excellence.

Global Impact Industries, Inc., is consortium that works with local and international businesses, private entities, nongovernmental organizations, and governments as a certified small business enterprise (SBE) (MWBE), professional firm. We leverage our strategic valuable business relationships and resources to help its members grow their businesses in target markets and create a long-term community and sustainable ecosystem.

Our Success Story

Our success is built through trusted collaborative partnerships with investors, local consumers, universities, and policymakers, made up of purposeful individuals that are passionate about serving underserved communities. Our team is dedicated to spreading good news, cultivating women business leadership, and giving millennials the benefits of having exposure to social entrepreneurship, politics, and international commerce.

Innovation Hubs

Our services include establishing Innovation Hubs in target U.S. and other global markets to help our partners advance economic development projects through GABA SMART Center a Proptech site where we offer innovation, acceleration, and incubation. Our Innovation Hub model objective is to create joint monitoring mechanism system goal alignment for small businesses that produces different products and services to help advance in an emerging global market society in various industry sectors. These innovation hubs are established with local partners in cities and communities that are based on three key elements: They are geographically centric, demographically centric, and service-technology centric.

Our Mission

The mission is to evangelize society, mobilize work production, and revolutionize world systems of politics and economics.

Global Impact Industries Consortium Developmental Plan

The developmental needs are assessed through a multifaceted strategy that involves collaboration with key business and government institutions to shape the STEAM workforce model in target markets.

Market Research, Media Entertainment, Healthcare, Tech Education, Agriculture, Energy, Trade Skills and Pitch Competitions.

Equity, Debt, Seed & Venture Funds

Hybrid and In-person training, Intl. Workforce Development Housing, African curator events and civic engage activities.

Technology Park produces products and services, Intl. Retail market and supports Women & Millennials SMEs.

Service Requirements and Priorities

Our service priorities offer strategic valuable partnerships for B2B and B2C leadership program development, administrative and organizational structure implemented with effective communication. We identify in local markets strategic alliances in technology, energy, transportation, tourism, media entertainment, agriculture, and healthcare models.

We meet with our clients to conduct due diligence, evaluate and assess your business operations, culture and associations with succession planning. We also provide competitive market analysis, bridge investor relations, and provide master and executive briefs and mentored presentations to key stakeholders.

Our programs will focus on local urban areas with a global outreach to foster cultural identity, national affinity, and global awareness. Our consortium leadership is great at bridging communication gaps, resources through culturally sensitive environments with campaign events, engagements activities and civic advocacy.

Our emphasis prepares women and young adults/millennials (ages 16-36) careers through international incubation system in the following industries with mentorships: Film & Entertainment, Politics, Construction, Green Energy, Agriculture, Technology, Transportation and Entrepreneurship.

We provide global supply chain workshops, commerce system training, accreditation, certification skills development and training, financial industry partners with the objective to support global emerging workforce and innovation in the communities, locally and abroad.

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