Our Team

Global Impact Industries Consortium is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of professionals experienced in commercial real estate development, Public Private Partnerships, economic development, infrastructure development, finance, socially integrated technology solutions, and the implementation of programmatic and social programs. Our team is made up of purposeful individuals that are passionate about creating generational wealth and a paradigm shift within underserved communities by spreading good news, quality training, and giving millennials the benefits of having exposure, and setting high cultural value standards of living with more open learning environments.

Kimberly Nelson


Paul Nelson


Akindele F. Akinyemi M.A.

Portfolio Mgt & CEO, GABA Hubs

Otis Zeon

Social Africa, INC. R&D Enterpriser

Jude Akpokabayen

Investment & Development Mgt

Jamie Burton-Oare

Film Media Director/Consultant

Mr Sunday Are

Entertainment Executive Mgmt.

Aanu Gopald

Vice President, Tech. Innovation

Eric Myers

General Counsel

Samuel Narty

Architectural/Construction Mgt

Clifton Bell


Mecca Williams

Chief Research Administrator

Jevonne Cortez Bell

Executive Producer

Mandla Ngcongwane

Studio Creative Director

Paula Whittiker Watkins

Chief Academic Officer

George Wayne Watkins

Education Management

Shelton Brown

Finance Management

Emma Fofonah

Operations Management

Alie Bangura

Technology Workforce Development

Jacob Aladejobi

Technology Infrastructure

Frank Eshun

Program Manager/Healthcare

Dr Eileen CZ

Change Management Consultant

Betty Foh

Program Manager/Healthcare

Naomi Thomas

Digital HR & Marketing Director

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